We tend to think that trauma relates to tragic events that leave the individual debilitated.  Trauma is subjective.  Pain is subjective.  An isolated incident may seem trivial to one, but to another it can be life-shattering.  What’s often overlooked is that seemingly small incidents that happen to all of us in life can also unknowingly impact our daily function, our thoughts and behaviors, our relational interactions and our life agendas.

Undeniably, significant impact trauma (big T) impacts our quality of life, but small impact traumas (little t) can also hold us back and interfere with our ability to live life to our highest potential.  Sometimes we are conscious of the impact of trauma, other times we’ve pushed it out of our consciousness as a natural defense mechanism to protect our well-being.  Whether trauma is defined as “little t”, such as an embarrassment from a public speaking faux pas or your family’s innocent disinterest in your accomplishments during your formative years, or as “big T”, such as a car accident, serious physical injury, near death experience or abuse, I can help you transform your trauma by reprocessing, reorganizing and re-integrating your experiences to help you return to your innate resiliency and unbind yourself from the past that do not serve you.  Live your life unbound. 

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Life brings challenges.Challenges present an opportunity for growth.It is through difficulties that we grow.It brings forth transformations that change our lives, ourselves and our relationships.Let go of the past, move forward with the future.You can achieve your highest life potential when you’ve found a way to be unbound.