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Humans are wired for connection and intimacy.  Having a fulfilling relationship with an intimate partner is a major contributing factor to overall well-being.  However, it’s not uncommon for couples to find themselves in conflict or in distress in their relationship with their partner.  Couples might find themselves burdened by life demands and stressors, and after many years of unresolved conflict and hurt feelings, some difficulties may seem insurmountable.  Communication breaks down, intimacy is lost and connection becomes increasingly difficult.  It’s hard to imagine a realistic resolution that can pick up the pieces and amend the broken relationship.

I’m glad you’re here looking for help.  I can help your relationship find more effective ways to communicate, to convey needs, wants and feelings and to regain a sense of satisfaction and connection.  Together we can develop a new template for relating to your partner in a healthier and more fulfilling and gratifying way that will bring the joy back into your relationship.

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Life brings challenges.Challenges present an opportunity for growth.It is through difficulties that we grow.It brings forth transformations that change our lives, ourselves and our relationships.Let go of the past, move forward with the future.You can achieve your highest life potential when you’ve found a way to be unbound.