I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I’ve always known that I wanted to be a therapist.  I was inspired to live a life helping others.  Before entering in private practice, I worked at outpatient settings, providing therapy for adults dealing with psychological distress, trauma and/or substance abuse.  I also worked at outpatient settings for children, providing therapy for children with emotional disturbances and behavioral problems.  Additionally, I worked on school sites, providing therapy for children exhibiting difficulties in the classroom.  I had also been a volunteer with the Suicide Prevention Hotline, helping individuals who were going through a crisis during a time of despair.

Educational Background & Training

University of California, Irvine- BA, Psychology and Social Behavior

Pepperdine University- MA, Clinical Psychology


Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Reiki- Level I, II, III

EMDR Therapy- Part I

Somatic Approaches to Healing Trauma

Attachment Mastery Program

Attachment-Focused EMDR

Hypnosis for Trauma & PTSD

My Belief System

I believe that each individual has the innate ability toward healing and growth.  Humans are resilient beings.  Sometimes life stressors are so great that we experience temporary arrest in our capacity to find resolutions.  However, the answers are always within.  I look at each individual as a whole.  Our body and our mind are connected and the functioning of one intertwines with the other.  I take an integrative approach in helping you heal from pain and suffering and in helping you find a resolution to move forward and return to your resiliency.

My Approach

I tap into your own resources to help you grow in the face of challenge.  I help increase your awareness into patterns that are your strengths, and identify patterns that may be holding you back in your life.  I help you gain new perspectives to broaden your horizon.  I offer a holding space for your pain, confusion, sadness and curiosity.  I bring a sense of deep compassion and understanding.  I’m nonjudgmental because I acknowledge the universal experience of our pain and suffering.  I wish to have the honor to step alongside your journey in finding peace and joy and to go beyond the immediate struggles to transcend growth.

My Theoretical Framework

No one individual is alike, yet there are evidence-based practices that have been proven to be more effective for certain situations. With the knowledge and understanding of such research conclusions, I apply different methodologies based on each client and their unique situation. The consistent factors will always be my presence and my ability to provide a healing space where you feel safe and cared for.


Get Help

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Life brings challenges.  Challenges present an opportunity for growth.  It is through difficulties that we grow.  It brings forth transformations that change our lives, ourselves and our relationships.  Let go of the past, move forward with the future.  You can achieve your highest life potential when you’ve found a way to be unbound.